Waking Nightmares

Into the uncharted depths on hopelessness.
This is my sanctuary.
The fires of conviction await you.
Seek the downward spiral towards damnation.

This riches of life are bound by the aspects of immortality.
The true nature of existance is often masked with shame.
But the world will suffer the consequences for its actions.
Mercy is unknown to the creator.
Burn the pages of deception.
Feel the pain in life, as it is itself.
Burnt flowers at the foot of the Virgin.
Immistakeable irony shows on her blood stained cheeks.
The seasons bring the end in turn.
The cries of the condemned go unheard.
Torture of the sould soul begins with the mind.
Choke down the toxins from the biles of hell.
Hate spins the threads of a clouded mind.
Live your life through tracers.
Self-destruction held on pause.