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Lost in a world where theres no where to turn
your body twists and dies alone.
Lost in your mind where the thoughts are unclear
your spirit cried in agony and fear.

What is this life you are living today?
Brought on by hatered for them?
Living with a dred to be figured out.
Outside you smile–inside you shout.
A happy person that all people see
is nearly a lie to I and to thee.
Simply destroying you inside and out
a desolate scream and a personal shout.
Tearing eyes and bloody wrist,
sure of your tast–unawear of your fate.
There is no point in living this way
Might as well do what you always wanted….

By VampyreBloodess

I am a vampyre. I drink blood to survive and feel at my best. Ask me about it if you wish to know more... I like to write poetry and storys. I don't consider myself gothic but I do tend to wear all black...I don't have many friends but the ones I have are very close to me. I am a modern Satanist ( I don't worship Satan) and am proud. I am a bit of an anti-christ...