Watch My Falling Blood

You hurt me again,
Just like you said you wouldn’t.
You made me cry again,
Even though you thought you couldn’t.

Another cut,
Watch my falling blood.
I don’t know if I love you or hate you.
Sometimes I want you right beside me,
But at times I wish you were dead.
You hurt me so bad,
And I just keep coming back for more.
I’m a fucking idiot!
To you… I’m just a whore.
Another cut,
Watch my falling blood.
You hold me tight
And keep me close.
You tell me everything’s going to be all right.
You say that I’m your everything,
You say that I’m your world.
Well how the fuck can that be when you have 10 other girls!?!
Another cut,
Watch my falling blood.
You see my tears,
And all you do is sit back and watch.
I made a fucking commitment to you,
And you just do whatever the fuck you want.
No more games.
This shits all over!
Maybe when you get home from her house and see me,
You’ll have some time to think this shit over.
I tried so hard and you still ignored me.
But now it’s all over,
I’m fucking dead

By DeathAwaitsMe

I'm 15 years old, I live in Amarillo, Texas. I'm a lesbian. I have no friends, and I love to write.