Watch your angel die and be Fuck

She came in the middle of the night to seek what god can’t.

Vampires smell the angel’s warm stench and set out to kill her.

As the Angel continue to walk along the sidewalk, she notices it’s too cold and too quiet and needed some sun on her smooth, white skin. The small, white wings of hers, she couldn’t move them, for something or someone was holding her wings. She turn her head just enough to see the vampires swarm from behind her. She started to run, but two of the vampires jump on her back and she slow down and trip on a rock. Her legs are cover in blood and all the vampires started to suck the blood. One turns the Angel around and pin her arms to the ground and he bite her neck and start sucking her blood. Another vampire pulls a Knife and rips her dress off and start sucking on her nipples. He rips both nipples and drink the blood. She’s pretty much dead and all the vampires got nude and start fucking her pale cunt. Her stench is gone and decay is yet to begin. One vampire cum blood. The rest laugh at him and continue to fuck until everyone fucks her in some weird positions. Finally one vampire cut open her and pulls out her intestine and use it like a rope to choke her neck. He tied it tight while another breaks her wings. They took off caring her corpse in the moonlight and set home to feast her remains.