We Are An Alien Science Experiment

14 billion years. That’s how old the universe is. Think about that number, as much as you can; admittedly the human brain isn’t wired to truly grasp a number that large. Written out numerically that would be 14,000,000,000. That’s a lot of zeros. Now imagine a civilization, a race, even half that old. A third, even. If we look at our own planet and our own race and how long it took us to advance to where we are right now, and apply that as a basic measuring stick to *any* race or civilization, how far might such a race of beings advance in, say, 5 billion years? Or ten? How much would such a species evolve? And just how advanced would their technology become if it were commensurate with their age? Would such a species not be “gods” for lack of any better word? Gods to us, from our current perspective.

Is it that crazy, then, what Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb is suggesting, that our current universe was created by just such a species? There is no reason why it isn’t scientifically plausible. We, and all that exists in our universe, might just be some space god’s Science project. For that matter, don’t all the world’s religions tell us that very thing?

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By The Evil Cheezman

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