we live in the shadow of death

all i want to say is life’s a bitch. we all no it. i mean im not trying to make ppl feel sorri 4 me or wateva im just trying to let ppl no a harsher reality. my life is realli shit i mean SHIT. atm i have 2 big gangs on my back im wanted dead for sumthing sumone else did. i hate skool coz everyonez either jock, teeny-boppy or happy. im none of those…….

im gothic but dun look it i wear an upside down cross every day wit an invertd pentagram in it. my friendships r fake n so’s my family. i’ve wantd to kill myself for two years but now i cant coz of my boyfriend……he’s b fkd if i died he wouldnt b able to handle it. ave u ever known ne ONE person to ave this happen to them? abusive parents, who were drugatices for 13 years of my life (im 15), mum abusd me afta dad abusd her, i was nearly stabbd by my mum in prep as well. i’ve been in more punch-ups then u can poke a stick at. i slit my wrists every sigle nite in hope that i will soon die but it doesnt work. has ne1 got ne suggestions on ways to kill myself…i want to slit my wrists coz itz betta for ppl to c in my opinion….can ne1 tell me where to slit my wrists so i actually die. im asking ppl of the darkness bcoz i can relate betta to ppl who feel da same……..thanx