welcome to my earth

in this place called earth i never seen so many selfish mother fuckers in my life
i put my feelings on the line and they rip through them like a peircing dull rusty knife

wonder if it will all be fun if i flip shit around and hold them up with tha gun
..look them in the eye and see the tears start to run … and soon there body follows
but there is no escape .. the game is over and now it is time pay
they drop to there knees and begin to beg like i owe them somthin…
i cock back the hammer and start to prey
…dear lord please forgive me for what im about to do
.. as i point this pistol i intend to turn one head in to two….or three or four..
what ever it takes to see there brains crawling on the floor .. it is now time to take them in to my earth so they can see how i veiw thangs
so i load them on this one way train to hell and we take off when my problem solver screams a BANG