‘What a Shame’ and a few more poems

What a shame
All these years
I’ve tried to hide
My desperate tears

If life is so sacred,
Why is there pain?
We work towards our deaths –
We live in vain

Is there really a reason
To stay alive?
God gave us life
But I wanna die

It hurts so much
Just to go on
Will the world heal
Once I am gone?

Your meaningless words
You say you’re my friend
You say that you don’t
Want my life to end

It doesn’t seem quite finished, but I didn’t wanna add anymore.

It was us against the world
Just us three
It was fine ’till you decided
That you didn’t need me

I tried so hard to make you happy
With everything I do
I guess it wasn’t enough
To satisfy you

It was supposed to be perfect
I had it all planned
But now I can’t hold up
To your consistant demand

Now I have no one
No friends to call my own
I’ve given up all hope
And put my body up for loan

This poem was written when my two ‘best friends’ deserted me, the beginning of my decline.


A drip of yellow
To bleed, one dies
Who would have known
What makes me cry
Lye alone in bed
A massive explosion
Inside my head
A river of red
Flows away with my tears
Sobbing compulsively
But nobody hears


Tears will make me weak
So please don’t cry
Wouldn’t you rather bleed?
If you’re lucky, you will die

You’re so ugly
You’re so beautiful and great
You made me cut myself
And now I’m filled with hate

You will cause my death
That I am sure of
Because the one that hates me
Is the one that I love.


I know they’re not too good, they probably suck. I won’t beg for replies. If you thought they were good, if you hated them, if your really wanna tell me you what you think, then do as you please.

By Empusa

My name is Empusa and I live somewhere along the coast of California in a pathetic city filled with graffiti and watered-down acid. I write poetry and play guitar and I'm bisexual, or rather, bi-curious. My poetry sucks and I'm quite immature, still being in highschool. Don't acknowledge my presence.