Radioactive waste to be stored under the Biscayne Aquifer, from which the citizens of the city of Miami get their drinking water? Sure! Why not! Apparently the government has been dumping toxic waste dangerously close to the aquifer for years. Must be safe to do it then, right? I mean, yeah, this new waste isn’t just toxic but radioactive, but no sense in splitting hairs. Environmental groups trying to protest this move in court had their case dismissed because they filed it too late. (
Seems reasonable.

I could really go off on the real-world horrors of pollution, and the callous ways in which the government and big industry put people’s lives in jeopardy every day to preserve their big fat bank accounts at the expense of all else. But I realize this is an entertainment site, and you fine folks don’t come here to read about such real-life seriousness. Let me just ask, then, have none of these idiots ever seen a freakin’ Monster movie? Do they not realize how close that there aquifer is to the Everglades, or how full-up the latter is with alligators and enormous invasive snakes? Do they want kaiju?! Because that’s how you get kaiju!