What do i do??

Right at this very moment i NEED to get my feelings out, about something.You know, the ones where you know your NEVER going to get answers to? and no matter how many times you talk in “hypothetically speaking terms”,with “friends” about the scenario you’ll never get an answer?

I suppose all of you who may read this, are wondering what am i feeling so strongly about that im not going to get answers too.


I met this guy, this really pretty 18 year old gothic boy and, you know when you meet someone for the first time and you just love them straight away? and then after you cant get them out of your mind? well, that’s how strongly i feel about him.I’ve only met him once so, i guess you could say that i based my judgement on his appearance rather than his personality.But, as always there is a reason behind everything.He has a girlfriend.Not only have they been together for a whole year,but they are engaged.But, it was really weird because when we first glanced at each other, dont mean to sound cheesy or anything, it was like Love at first sight, only that i knew he had a girlfriend and he knew that i knew that. It was as though we both wanted to confront each other with emotion, but at the same time both knew we couldnt.
I was bemused because to be “engaged” they didnt seem all that close, well not to my knowledge, and everywhere he went she followed, like a sheep, now that to me shows that she doesnt have much trust, faith in him to be on his own?and not to be vain but, he kept staring at me all night.I really like this one.Every other time i have always let them escape or things havent turned the way i thought, or i fucked them up and so on and so forth.I have his mobile number, i got it off one of his friends, so i dont know what to do. I mean do i call or txt him to tell him? or would that be selfish to split two people who are “in love” up.But, then what about me? Why should i always put other people first time and time again? or do i not txt and forever disgress “what if” ??

what a DILEMA i am in.HELP!!

Feel free to leave any comments, advise or suggestions. I love to read what other people think, be it good or bad.Thankyou.

Love & Darkness to you all xxx


  1. DO it call him txt him do it who cares about dat bitch, itz a dog eat world out there, so go BITE IT!

  2. If his feelings toward a finace is so easily wavered, then what will his feelings toward you be like? I think being his friend first is more important but whatever suits you.

  3. personally, i think that you should just talk to him. txt him or call him and tell him that u felt a connection between the two of you and that you’d like to hang out – this that and the other. make sure he knows you’re not trying to “tear up” him and his fiance, he’ll respect you for that, but also just let him know that if nething happens between the two, that you’re interested. that way you’re not breaking up “love” and plus. you’re helping yourself out by gaining a friend, if their relationship seems unstead, then you’ll probably gain a boyfriend too. go you!

  4. All is as it should be. Just be his friend for now, don’t push anything onto him and don’t expect too much back either. All may not be as it seems at first. Give it time.

  5. I agree with Voltarrens.. get to know him first… Personality is far more important than looks, i know from experience…
    if you get to know this guy and find that he isn’t what he seems, then you will have saved yoursef from who knows what humiliation… and that “what is” will be gone too… for all its worth, i hope everything works out… wish i had an experience like that……

  6. I’ve been through the same thing. only the guy was a slime ball. Although, I have felt love at first sight before. So if I was in your position, then I would get to know the guy. If it was ment to be, then he’ll dump his girlfriend. But if it wasn’t, then they’ll marry and you could still be in the picture by being a friend. At this point don’t gets your hopes up before you know that he likes you more than a friend. That is one way to get your feelings hurt, and that would suck.

  7. if you crave his love then make it your goal to have him as your prize in life

    good look in life

  8. I suddenly had a thought : love is over-rated and goes stale like yesterday morning’s cup of coffee.

  9. hmm….quite an intruiging comment, if i do say so myself. In answer to your question yes, they are still together as far as i know.I value your advise and comments, a very verocious point of view, which i admire. Yes, for all i know he could have been looking at me thinking “I like that persons hair” But, liking it so much that eveywhere i went, he went? No, i dont want to split them up, that is the last thing i want.I mean, i wouldnt like it if i was with him and SHE was trying to split us up.My scenario is somewhat abstruse and, in that respect i mean you would have to be there, to understand.I hope you dont think that when i meant txt that i was going to immediatley blurt out my feelings to him? im more suttle than that. I wasnt even going to txt him to ask wether he likes me or not ect…..it would be something along thses lines “BOO! Dont know if you remember me? but, i was wearing a black top hat, a huuuge black gothic ball gown, and i had black cobwebs falling down from my eyes.I got your number off your friend (Hope u dont mind?) anyway…are you on MSN or something?Love&Darkness xxx” and i wanted to see how it went from there…..

  10. ooooooooooh ouch ouch ouch. I see the bitches are out in force.

    Personally, I care about the sheep girl. I care that if you txt him you might quite possibly fuck up her life.
    He’s been with her so long … if he’s really going to drop her over this ‘connection’ then he is SO not worth your effort.
    Personally, I think you smokin something that doesn’t agree with you. Metaphorically speaking of course. I wasn’t there but DAMN, you got this little image of him built up in your head, all because he’s ‘pretty’. We’ve all done it, but dwelling on it isn’t the way forward.

    Truth is, you’re not in love with him. Loving someone is being with them, and forgetting how to not be with them. Like losing a limb every time you watch them walk away, even if you know they’re coming back.
    Anyway, i digress.
    The thing is, what you’re feeling is lust. It can’t compare to what him and sheep girl have. They’re still together aren’t they?

    Don’t flatter yourself, you can’t be so beautiful that he hasn’t met someone prettier. Since your looks is the only thing he knows about you …. why would he dump sheep girl for you and not for every pretty girl he meets?

    Besides, for all you know, he could have been looking at you thinking “I like that persons hair”

    Text him if you think there’s nothing to lose. And I don’t mean just for you. Him and sheep girl have plenty to lose. Do you really think you should try to take what they have away from them, just because you think you want to?

    Personally, I think you’re just heading for pain girl.

    Either way you won’t spend your life with what ifs. You’ll meet someone better. With a personality that matches yours. And you’ll forget all this within two years I swear on my life.
    When you’ve matured a bit you’ll look back and laugh about how foolish and oversexed you’re being.


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