What I Mean Is…

always on the dark side
never about to brightly slide
listen to what it means
cause soon ill be in your dreams

a gap between heaven and hell
from which i fell
although its hell itself
it has a slow stealth

listen to what i mean
im about to tell you of a scene
“how do i know thats all you explore
i think your lying you whore”

my parents are fighting
isnt it exciting
anyway i ran down south
to buy a gun for my mouth

not a good thing when your feeling crappy
but at least i still got to go trigger happy
but thats before i go
to put on this show

after ill be shunned
everyone will be stunned
so, theyll see me cry
right before i die

just one click
the trigger wont stick
the chamber will slide
my finger will be tied

a bullet in the head
then ill be dead
they ask a question
but it causes frustration

“whats wrong with you?”
“whats meant by this?”
its for the better of you
uhh…what i mean is…