What is Goth?

Author’s Note: I don’t expect you to share my beliefs, but I do expect a good arguement out of some of you. After all, that’s what we are here for. ^.^

Okay, I want to ask you guys a ? . What is Goth? Is there a certain way you have to be, to feel, to act, to dress, just to be able to truthfully call yourself “Goth”?

Honestly, I don’t think there is. To me, being goth means being open to anything, not letting others do the thinking for you, being an individual who isn’t afraid of what everyone else thinks, sue me if I’m wrong.

Even “Stero-type” goths are goths in their own way. Sure, they might be just copying everyone’s standard thought of what goth is, but still, they are trying to be different, looking for their purpose in life, aren’t they? I read in an article not too long ago, that someone referred to ST Goths as listening to “Marilyn Manson, ect.” all the norm of the narrow-minded people to think that a goth would listen to, of course. I can honestly call myself goth. Because, in my eyes, I am goth, and that’s what matters, right? I may have a tendency to dress in all black and write depressing sh*t while listening to Marilyn Manson, but I also have a tendency to dress in complete pink, cover myself in glitter, and act five years old. ^.^ I once had a friend who liked to call me a “Changling” because I was constantly changing my “theme” of goth. I can’t personally call myself a “changling” because, to me, goth isn’t just one type of being, or several types, it’s millions of types too many to even begin to name. I hope this article made you look deeper into the meaning of goth. Maybe some of you agree with me. Goth is definetly not one thing, it’s many. You can be a happy person and still be goth, the world works like that. Of course, you’ll get your everyday morons who say you aren’t really “goth” but, if you believe in your heart, then that is what is important. In the famous or not so famous words of Tristan ( I think it was anyway. ^.^ ) from BOS: BW2 “Perception is reality” and that is the truth. %Princezz SelPhie%(Like my new and bizzare trademark signature? It’s copywritted by: ME! Wow, suprise, suprise. ^.^ )

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  1. I agree with you to a point. Being an individualist and open minded is an essential part of being Goth, but being Goth is not a requirement to be an individualist.

  2. please file next to ‘what is the point of religion?’

    and stay tuned for my upcoming article, ‘why is an orange?’

  3. Goth is individuality and knowledge of one. I do not believe there is one type of goth, yes some dress the same, but not all do, now we can dress “normal” and still be goth. Goth is what you make of it not what one makes of you. If you would like to also post comments on my board please go HERE to post your comments. Thanks!

  4. if you really want to know “what is goth?”…go to this website…it explains quite a bit

  5. As has been previously stated, there are many definitions of “what is goth”. Each of us, in our own way, whether self categorized or cubbyholed by society or our peers, has a standing definition of what we are and why. The roots of the goth sub-culture seem to reel back to a brnach of the punk movement devoted to self understanding by looking into the duality of life. Life’s association with death, and the ways in which these things affected living in general. The often grim nature of this self-examination lead to deeply introverted perspectives, and often grim, brooding exteriors. Hence the creation of the common assumed image of “goth”.
    We can not look into ourselves without finding tinting hues of reflection on the same topic. Each of our visions is colored by what’s within us. Such is the nature of humanity, and thus is the adversity of any culture or subculture. We need to open our eyes and seek to understand others as well as ourselves. What is “goth”? What does it matter? We are what we are, and nothing can change that.

  6. there are lots of goth styles such as antiquity goth(into frills,midieval corsetry,and silly white shirts),cybertech goth(wears wires,silicone chips,and circuit boards)cemetetary(self explanatory)and so on. but to be goth you don’t have to fall under a certain catagory.


  7. ‘What’s the difference between a duck?’

    Oh, and, I agree with the original author of this topic, indeed. I’m that ‘crazy girl’ who dresses either all in black or all in orange with the big boots with the bright purple laces and the longlong brown hair and the RELLIRELLIBIGpants who rides the pretty white pony (whom I have newly dubbed “Magic Mushroom” as a show name) through the night! I also like run-on sentences!

  8. OK, if someone (to me) is calling themself goth, they’re either a dumbass, or they actually are and don’t give a fuck what others think. And the way you say you dress (me, too ;)), it sounds to me like you’re goth. So don’t worry.
    Darkest Blessings,

  9. On my opinion that is very true about her definition of “Goth”. she was looking for an argument well here it is to me a “Goth” is all in the mind. that fits into almost any crowed. a “Goth” is whatever someone wants to be. never judge a person by hers/his clothing because they may wear Tommy Hilfigure shirts and C.K.jeans, but inside they may be one of the meanest, scaryist, nastist person you every met. that’s my idea. and on my opinion i’m “Goth”,too. maby i’m just insane but that’s me.
    bye : Spawn of Isis
    if anyone has an argument with me.

  10. It is true that, at least I believe, that a goth is a open person and not is not afraid say that they are different and that they are a individual. Stereotype goths, to me, seem all the same and yet they’re very unique.
    I have a lot critisism on my constantly changing veiw of a goth. Around where I live, everyone thinks that a goth is a dark, decrepted and evil being that does all sorts of illegal and immoral acts.
    It is not true that we are all dark and evil, sure we might have that appearence. but thats the trademark of a goth.
    There are so few people that are open minded to that we are people, but yet individuals that are unique. There are so many conservative people around here that it makes me sick. They are all the same. Then they say we are the same. We are not
    But a goth should be as individual as much as possible.

  11. I would have to say, “goth” interms of appearence. would have to be those who are macobre and in deep despair.

    Going by the dictoinairy, Goth is a style reflecting inner torment. Though, presently an excuse to break social opression, it has becomne an artistic image. Does not every artist suffer their own lament?

  12. In my humble opinion, all that is required to be a “goth” is a certain nihilistic attitude (nihilism – a belief that all political and religious organizations are bad, or a system of thought which says that there are no principles or beliefs which have any meaning or can be true)

    Am I not a goth simply because I wear Hawaiian-style shirts jeans? Because I don’t listen to Marilyn Manson?

    No. Goth is not a set of external identifying traits; in fact, I would venture to say that labelling, or establishing identifying traits, runs counter to the very heart of “goth.”

    The term originated in its current form during the 19th century as an offshoot of the Romantic school of literature. Gothic literature was a rebellion against the idealistic, nature-oriented literature of the romantics, and was so called because the “enlightened” romantics thought it as crude and barbaric as the primitive Goths of ancient Europe.

    Now, the term has become a catch-all phrase generally meaning dark, moody, evil, or any number of other descriptive adjectives.

    Most “normal” people think that goths are people who die their hair black, wear black clothes and black lipstick, and hang around aimlessly in malls. The fact is, we are everywhere, and many of us are “hiding” as it were.

    Back to my main point. I applaud all those who make the (correct) assertion that goth is a state of mind. That state of mind must be essentially nihilistic (please refer to my definition above), for the goth is not out to shock or scare…he simply does not care.

    I’m sure one of these days I will expand upon this lengthy diatribe, but until, then, I have to get back to work…

  13. I would like to ask..why label yourself? It’s putting a stranglehold on your individuality and creativity, technically speaking, you are helping to set the stereotype.

    As for what “goth” is, “sixtornwings” took the words right out of my mouth, so to say.

    – Patient 597 –

  14. Hmm it’s truly how one looks at it, for one it’s a dark romance of agony and angst, for another it’s simply freedom from their old way of being, for another it’s the morbid beauty of decay, for another it is an outer expression of inner torment, for another it is a belief in darkness, for another it is longing to be of old, to fight the eternal battles of light and darkness, to exist in the worlds that their mind creates where darkness is an accepted part of it’s reality… i suppose what i’m actually trying to say is yeah..its what anyone makes of it, not always characterized by dress, and always characterized by emotion, by a state of being… Though i must say, if you lock what are you away inside of your soul…you aren’t goth, you aren’t a prep, you aren’t really anything, your a puppet.

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