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  1. Here is an excerpt from another website.

    Goth is a subculture, style, and way of thinking. That sounds awfully pretentious, but that’s another facet of goth. The common thread in goth culture is an appreciation for the dichotomy of life, the contrast between light and dark, good and evil, with an awareness that the two can’t exist without each other, and that the traditional value judgments assigned to those opposites are not necessarily true.

    Goths tend to have a dark and perverse sense of humor, a love of history, literature, and music, and far too many bottles of black nail polish. But trying to slot goths into orderly little sections is pretty much impossible. The spectrum of interests, styles, and activities is far too broad. Sometimes the clothes can be a clue, but not always. Just look for that appreciation of darkness–that’s the most reliable indicator.

    The goth subculture frequently revolves around a music scene, which likely arises from the current subculture’s roots as a spinoff of punk. Several of the “classic” goth bands such as Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Damned were originally considered punk. Music is not the only art form in goth, though. Artistic endeavor of all kinds is welcomed and encouraged.

    Hope that helps.

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