what is love???

its seems every day i find myself walking the halls of my school and i hear “i love you” or “hold me” and it makes me sick to my stomach.

its seems every day i find myself walking the halls of my school and i hear “i love you” or “hold me” and it makes me sick to my stomach. Today i made a girl cry accidentally because her gay boyfriend (and i really mean it) doesnt love her but she is obsesed with him and she doesnt see whats going on. i told her eventually they will break up and she will find someone better. she cried like crazy and i dont know why and besides i was being realistic she apperantley thinks her relationship will last forever but shes in for a surprise!!! with that said id like to ask “what is love?” better said, does love even exist?
all my life ive “loved” people but none of them ever loved me back. it does sometimes hurt that i can show love for someone but no matter how hard i try they wont love me back. i sometimes feel my parents dont love me because many times they dont care about me….so what am i to do? to me it seems like i dont need love and that if im alone all my life ill be doing the world a favor.
and now that i think of it why do people get married? i mean, its very shallow and stupid to spend the rest of your life and be a slave to someone just because of how they look, why bother? love is useless
my theory is we are all animals. In the wild animals have sex and leave , the female then gives birth and a new life begins!!! but since we are a very smart species of animals we make mating more dificult, we meet a person, we date for a few months, ask parents for permission to get married if they say no the couple still gets married in some chapel in las vegas, then the couple has sex for many nights and then when the couple is finally READY they make a baby!!! woohoo!!!…….. see how complicated we make it? and yet theres still more to the mating process, some couples even spend their lives together and they dont even let themselves meet other people….. now i feel like ive said everything i needed to say

if you want to comment on my essay go ahead…….you know what to do


  1. o.k. interesting. tell me, are you the one wanting to here those words? if you really have that much of a problem with it, then why don’t you just ignore them? your own needs need to be met before you get pissed off at people who are in love. yes most of us “animals” have sex and haul ass, but there are a few of us who really are in love. think about that. check yourself before you check other people.

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