what is up with christians???

What is up with christians? Theirs nothing wrong with them, shit i’m christian it’s just that you never here anything from the buddist of hinduism duded or the jewish you always here from the christians. christians don’t like anything christians dont like different color hair .

christians dont like heavy-metal expecially people like slipknot or anybody. christians dont like other religions that is way christians go over to other countrys an tell them that there god is evil and if they dont repent and bow down to there god that their going to live everlasting pain in hell. christians dont like when people dress different even though they say god will love them even though they look different. christians dont like when people smoke pot even though god put that plant on the earth him self. they dont like it when you use the words fuck damn or bitch in a sentence. they dont like when women decide top get a oburtion even though its there baby an there baby.

By StAinEd PaNTs

believes that no religions are true and likes 2 hang out with friends an smoke blunts and likes 2 meet new people