What its Like

My ears start to throb

I hear his foot steps downstairs

Thump, thump, thump

I hear him coming up the stairs

I start to cry silently

I pray to God with all my heart that dad is sober

My father starts to scream

“Samantha didnt I tell you o do the freaking dishes?”

I close my eyes and wish that I was having a nightmare

He crashes thru my door..I know he’s been drinkin

My mom follows behind him, pleading for him to leave me alone tonight.

He slaps her to the wall.

“Stay out of this you, slut”, he sneers to her.

“Samantha dont you dare act like your sleeping, Didnt i tell youto do the fuckin dishes??”

I lay in my bed..His rancid breathe killing me.

I nod my head.

My father then grabs my hair, and starts dragging me downstairs.

I start to scream and cry.

“Shut up you bitch!”

I want to punch him.

He then stands me up and pulls me to the sink

He turns on the faucet water.

“This will teach you to defy me.”

Then he shoves my head into hot steaming water.

It soon starts to burn and I cant hold my breath anymore.

My ears start to throb once more.

My lungs start to fill with water…I cant take it anymore

All I can do is pray.

I tell God to protect my mom, and keep my brothers out of trouble.

I also tell him to forgive my father, I love him and he knows not what he does.

Before I start to feel faint I tell God that i really do love my father and I know he loves me also.

“Please teach him to walk in your path” is the last thing I say before my world goes dark

By DarkEssence

Karah live in florida...not the brightest...hyperavctive....lost inside myself...n thoughts often deadli....Seriously