What the fuck is life?

We wake up every day. the common person has nothing to look forward to except the weekend comeing up. Why?

Why do we spend more time working and earning money just to come home and find that you are sad… fucking stressed over how you are gonna make it through the next month w/ the money you’ve got. Aren’t we supposed to enjoy our lives? Aren’t we supposed to make the best outa what we can? Not in this world. In this world we go to work every day for some rich ass hole who, by a stroke of luck, hasn’t ha to work a day in his life. He’s the same one who tried to cut my pay for taking a vacation. He’s the one sitting in europe smoking a cigar with the money I work for.But hey… that’s life aint it? Life: we are born… we are sent to school to become a functioning piece of society. We spend half of our child hood, when we are supposed to be having the most fun/ doing the most living, confined in schools trying to educate you so you can be one of the ass holes smoking cigars. Then we go to work for the next 40 years of our life… 2 week vacation… 5 sickdays… 6 holidays… and the 2 days a week to “relax” (which we spend keeping our lives going)… oh yes… dental care. That sounds like I’m living eh? Then I get to spend the most horrible years of my life doing nothing. I can’t travel… cant go out and play basketball w/ my friends. I sit and wait, and even pray, to die.
but that’s life, aint it?


  1. Maybe life would be worth living if you became one of those ass holes smoking cigars. Sounds fun, huh

  2. i know what its like i have been working since i was 11 and when my mom got sick i had to take care of the family i never had a childhood at all my life is horrible but i would never want to be one of those cigar smoking assholes i would rather have my crappy life then someone elses because you never know you might have a better life then them and not know it

  3. Naive,
    you hate the man who has money, yet the only way to make a difference, is to make money; The only thing you hate about the rich man, is that he cut you pay (so you want money) but the only other reason you hate him, is that he’s got money?


    Maybe you should do something irrational, and risky, sacrifice your so called insignificant, unfair and un-successful life’s belongings, and try to make a difference in at least your own life, instead of hating the man who did just that.

    Have a thought or two on that.
    (Yes I don’t know you, sorry no offence, just a view)

  4. Why give in? Money won’t make you happy, it never will as you find you’re on a spiral to always try and make more, have more. Why not just move on to something better, you’re never trapped where you are, you always have the choice to move on, it’s just a metter of taking the risk to do it. Be daring…do something you’ve never done before…

    I’ve worked the work-a-day life, worked for companies that don’t give a damn about the individual and suck you dry in the end and stab you in the back repeatedly. But I made the move to find something better…and now I’m happier and live with the little that I am given…and even though it’s not a lot, happiness means more than money, and it’s been a long and damned hard road to learn and travel!!

  5. Yes, that is life.
    It’s completely sick and twisted, but sadly, it’s life.

    *Beautiful Mess*

  6. NotalIvE,you are right. I have often ruminated on this subject. It would seem that the majority of the humans in America are happy going along with their routine jobs,doing the same goddamn shit everyday…It’s so monotonous!!! But most people don’t even question our society. Just cuz we all live in “The Land of the Free”. America will never be free.

  7. i totally agree with darkangels,routine is life…..or the other way round.i mean it is a routine cos its like pre-meditated,repetitive.u kno whats cumin up cos u have already planned ;so that leads to a monotony n frustation.n buddy if u don make money then trust me u will not end up burning cigars,rather u will stay all ur life cleaning stubs n butts of cigars from ash-trays.i am sorry if i am bein rude here ,but sadly thats Life…

  8. Nope. . .everyone is brainwashed. Why do you think it takes 13 years to “graduate”. Then the “finals” of the last senior year are just to show them how much you believe their lies. Everything you have ever read, heard, and known is a lie. This world itself. .is a lie. No person should have to work for another like a slave just to survive. Its no better than the old days when the black race were slaves. They slaved for shelter, food and what possesions they could manage to aquire from their daily tasks. Its no different now. .exept. . .everyone is a slave. Of course. . .all exept the cigar smoking ass holes. Money=freedom. freedom= nothing more or less than $. No-one who works for another person can consider themselves free. And no-one here is free. (Just an opinion/fact)

  9. Thanks all for your help/ opinions. You guys kinda got what I was trying to say, and put in a different perspective. That helps to know how other people see it. But, by the way, I am not anybody w/ any experiance… I am just a person who took my fathers life as an example to write about. I am just a stupid little student who is aimlessly going strait into that same hole he did.. I can make the change now, and become the cigar smoking ass hole, but that would be a waste of my life, right?

  10. Yes, it would.

    Be yourself, find out who you are, what you can do and never look back, even though other roads may seem easier. The harder road is more fruitful.

  11. Actually, I think the cigar-smoking assholes are the biggest slaves of all – they’ve been so brainwashed they actually think they’re successful becuase they’ve got money and it’s good enough for them.

    Excellent point about school. School is evil. Grades and school are there to train you to respond to “rewards” such as money, promotions, fame instead of doing good things for their own sake–so when you do community service it’ll be because it will look good on your resume, not because you really care.

    If you can bring a smile to but one person’s face, your life has had a purpose. Try to stop worrying about “getting ahead” and try to do good things for other people. The happy, smiling, stupid fools are the ones who have it best, not the cigar-smoking assholes.

  12. i think life sucks itself so we shouldn’t upset about shit like big houses and fancy fuckin cars, what is relevant is what you do not take care of and it is why you make yourself this fuckin lame

  13. All good point’s, And aplause to CheshireGriffinx on there rant, it was wikid, I believe, money and wealth is just another stereotype, just cuz your rich doesn’t mean your happy, but just cuz your rich, also doesn’t mean your a cigar smoking arsehole, who is obssesed with money. All that matters in life, is being good to others (Florence) and doing what makes you content, and makes your life enjoyable. For alot of people (most people) to get money, really is the key to happiness, because money does equal freedom, because if you can wake up, in debt to no-one, and can choose what time you get up, and decide what you want to achieve that day, and can afford and obtain what tools your need to conque the challenge, you truly are free. But not all need money to live free, yet I sincerely believe it would make it easier. And no I’m not a rich cigar smoking arse-hole, or a trailer trash poor0arse, just a regular 40 hour week cattle… …with a brain and many opinions (and a strange sence of fashio, DARK BLACK AND SPIKY! 🙂 )

    Thats my input

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