Maybe it’s a Science experiment. To see if it is possible to make it even WORSE than it was the first time. I doubt it’s possible to improve on such abject awfulness, and by “improve” I mean to make it even more unbearably bad. I wonder why they’d even want to. Why inflict such suffering on the world? Are these people just sadists? And how many years, exactly, or how few, have to pass now before a film gets remade? A decade? Five years? Six months? Why don’t they just start filming two versions of a movie at the same time and skip the wait altogether?

I decided a while back to put a moratorium on my negative postings. Rather than complaining about things I don’t like I decided to instead celebrate the things I do. I’m making an exception for this one, though. Eli Roth’s CABIN FEVER remains the worst movie I have ever seen. Cheesy Horror flicks that are supposed to be cheesy don’t count; they’re a hoot. Even unintentionally cheesy movies can be fun to watch, and no movie that’s enjoyable to watch can truthfully be labeled “bad.” PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, far from being the worst film of all time, as it is touted, is a cheesy masterpiece, brilliant in its cheesiness. CABIN FEVER is the epitome of mediocrity, the literal definition of lackluster. It is celluloid sewage. Why would they want to recreate that?