What & who is A persons God??

there is no god. There has never been a god, it is all make beleave. There is no god, but only a leader, a leader that has control. And control to do what they want, wanting to do something isn’t very bad, depending on what it is. This is my first time being on this site. And i have alot of words to speak, but only in different titles. Anyway, a person can not be god, they can be a legend or a leader. But never a god. Unless he or she has control of there power at there finger tips, power to control minds, bodies and souls. But there really isnt a Soul to control, there is no soul, there is only a heart. A heart is part of the soul, the brain is another part. As many as there are bibles and other religions and people who beleave and warship them, there is no leader, no one to turn to. People should turn to them selves. Becasue only you can control what you do, not some god. There is no god, only a leader, and you can be a leader in your eyes, and whomever follows you. You are that cause of everything that happens to you. Everything that you cause, they always say your name, and no one else. Because you can be a leader, but never a god, because a god never exist.

By Who am I?

Fuck all sheeps, Y beleave in someone that has nothing to do with your life.