When I am princess

When I am princess,

in my place,

my little dolly’s,

dressed in lace,

shall sit there laughing,

in your face,

with angels burning,

in disgrace

When I am princess,

all shall see,

the one you wish,

that you could be,

tied to the steak,

instead of me,

and she shall burn,

so prettily

When I am princess,

of the land,

I shall decree,

I shall demand,

that every angel,

close at hand,

shall burn or hang,

upon command

When I am princess,

of the toys,

my knight in armor,

will destroy,

the tragic clowns,

and pretty boys

their bloody deaths,

I will enjoy

When I am princess,

I shall own,

a pretty palace,

made of stone

with harpies feasting,

on the bones,

of every pretty boy,

I’ve known

When I am princess,

of the dead,

with pretty eyes,

as dark as led,

I’ll have my way,

I’ll have your head

or perhaps,

your soul instead

When I am princess,

you shall die,

for every wretched,

little lie,

for every tear,

you made me cry

your body burnt,

will light the sky

When I am princess,

I shall kill,

the ones who dare,

oppose my will

upon my hands,

the blood will spill

the hole inside,

will finally fill

When I am princess,

of my mind,

my sanity,

I will not find

I’ll leave reality,


your heart I’ll stab

your hands I’ll bind

When I am princess, bones will break

When I am princess, sores will ache

When I am princess, souls will shake

Oh such a princess, I will make…

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By Rotten_Little_Girl

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