When I wake

When will I wake
For days and nights i sleep
years go by I still do not wake
But I hear the world around me
It does not sound like it once did when I was awake
Now the time has come for me to wake
I go outside
I look around
I see none of my family and friends
I wounder what has happend to them
I learn that I am the last of my family and that my friends died long ago
No one can understand the pain i feel
The pain of not haveing anyone you once knew
I shall always be alone in this world
An outsider who can never find my way back in like the others will
I am the last of my family
I will make this world pay for what they have done to my friends and family
The will know the pain that i once felt
I must go before they find me and get rid of me as well
I say farewell until we meet again