When the Wings of Angels Tatter

“Within our ranks I shall support you, and watch your blind spots well. Even the forgotten must know that their heretical angel will stand aside them, with eyes of crimson and nails of glass…”

When your wings tatter, as you fall from the sky,
and the new day’s sun breaketh your skin…
And your blood runs forth, and soaks the ground,
let not a tear well in your eye…

For I shall be there, to mend your wings,
and set you astraight…for there is much
travel to attend…

When in the midst of battle,
should your blade break…
And those who seek to spread their pestilence,
stand o’er you with mace raised high..

For I shall be there, to stand to you a front,
and to bear a chest for the weapon to bury into and another blade, to return this unbridled rage…for there is much conflict to involve…

When your heart has broken,
from a lover’s scorn…
And your flesh is razed in anguish,
beneath your own nails is your skin..

For I shall be there, to bandage your wounds by candle light, and to assure that the darkened heart only grows stronger…for there is much romance to spread…

No matter the fury of your situation,
nor the retribution of your misdeeds,
for I shall be there….

With tattered wings…
With a broken blade…
With razen flesh….

To protect you from all who seek to destroy us…with the banner of “Dies Irae” held high.
For we are the Forgotten, and though we have the inner most strength to lead us through…we will always need anothers strength..

.. only for when our wings have tattered..

Dies Irae

By Azurael

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