You came into my life
As quickly as you left.
I thought it was destiny
Like we were meant to be together.
I felt like cupid had shot me with an arrow that hit me in the eye.
It was love at first sight.
I was blinded by your beauty
I was blinded by the truth
Like a pawn in a chess game
Like a card waiting to be played
I guess u could say I was obsessed
I thought u were my lil princess
But now I see that I was full of BS
Now I feel so stupid
Now I feel so foolish
Why didn’t I see this b4 I got into it
Why did I have to act out this lil skit?
A friend of mine tried to tell me this would happen
A friend I won’t name
A friend that almost drove me insane
I asked myself these questions
Why am I so miserable?
Why am I depressed?
Why am I worried?
Why am I so stressed?
With no answers I look to the skies
And ask another question
Will she ever be mine?
So here we are, just friends,
But I long to be more.
Desire with no end
Throbbing from my core.


By Nick (Shadow of Screams)

i hate this fucking world. is this hell? im stuck here between love and lust. why am i here ? trapped in reality. lost in fantasy. blinded by the unseen truth. I'm fighting myself in a battle of trust. and there are too many voices in my head.