Where did you go? (Cont.)

The funeral for my father just ended. Mother is crying every day and night. She’s going crazy. She can’t get over the thought of what Mike did.

Killing his father and attempted to end her life too. I don’t know what to do with her, probably send her to the asylum. My family that I have loved has broken apart. My dear brother Mike, why didn’t you wait a bit longer? I know I have left you for several years but you just had to wait for a couple of hours more. I would’ve appeared and we could’ve been happy together. What is on your mind? Are you angry at me? I’ve lost my brother to my training, maybe I should’ve stayed. No!!! I can’t live like this, I must find him!!! I pounded my kitchen table and I grabbed my coat and ran out to the cold afternoon. Is he still alive? He must be, I have to be confident. The snow drifted slowly but soon it quickens. I pray for that he is not dead, freezing. Freezing somewhere that I might not know of. I have to hurry in order to save his life. I start the engine and backed out of my driveway. I drive as fast as I can, searching frantically for him. It’s been an hour and still no sign of him. Maybe it’s easier to look for him on foot. I parked my car in front of the bakery and started my search again with hope. I can’t give up. I walked into a dark alley, there was a possibility of him being there. After I took a few steps I see snow that was covered in blood. In the dark corner, I can see a body but cannot see his face. Every step I take my heart beats faster and faster, wishing it wasn’t him. On the ground I see an opened wallet. OH MY GOD!!! It was Mike’s wallet, with a picture of him and me together. I rush to be with his side. “Mike!!! Talk to me!!! Are you okay? Please don’t be dead” I was so scared. He had blood all over him. Blood came from his nose and mouth. He was unconscious. My heart was broken to see him like this. I called 911 quickly and waited for the ambulance to come. I took off my coat and put it on top of him to keep him warm. I sat down next to him and held his head in my arms, hoping he would be okay!

In the private room of the hospital, I sat there and watched my injured brother. He is okay now, better than before. It was 3:30 am. I had to go home and check on mother, to see how she is. I let out a sigh, I don’t know what to do. I walked slowly to the door, but something stopped me from going. “Brother, why are you here? Why did you save me from the cold? I have nothing now! You don’t love me anymore! There is no point living in this world. Living on Earth now is just like being a zombie. I have no where to go but just….” Mike said after waking up from his slumber. I slowly turn around but he ran out the door. How I not catch him? He was just right there!!! I started running after him. Where is he going? They are a lot of people everywhere, why does life have to be any harder? I pushed a several people aside before I lose the sight of Mike. He ran out the door and I followed. “Stop following me Mark! You are only a stranger to me now! I am nothing to you….” Mike said as he fell to the ground. He was weak from the past night. I could imagine what happened to him. “ Mike, listen to me. I still love you, I always have and I always will. We can be like old times! What do you say?” I can’t stand this. I want to go over there and smack some sense into that guy. Can’t he tell that I love him? This is so frustrating. “Then why did you leave? You know that I can’t stand our parents, especially without you there, to hold me back.” He said in a quiet voice. “Mike, let’s go somewhere else far away from here and we can be together, forever.” I suggested. “ I’ve been working too for some money to save up during the past few years. We will get a place to stay at and we will both work. After we can be happy, like before….” He slowly stood up with tears on his face, he ran to me and gave me a hug. I helped him into his room and get him ready to go out of the hospital. We will start a new life somewhere else. Where no one will know who we are and live happily ever after like the happy endings in books.

By AngelofDeath88

I'm a dead person who walks the Earth day and night! No soul or life can cheer me up for I am AngelofDeath! More death and less living!!! There is no meaning in life!!