Where is this world going?

Lives are cut short every minute of the day
The pain is coursing through my wicked veins
The world it spins in a myriad of light
I try to change my wrongs to rights

Curse the world in its pitiful form
Screw the blood we need freedom more
Embrace what knowledge we have of the world
Its continued mystery shall prove what we killed

The blood that has been spilled on this troubled ground
Shall find no escape, its doomed to pool around
Who knows the pain that we have blocked out
Self mutilaltion brings it bubbleing out

I don’t know much about this cruel world
All I know is that its got its sails furled
We’re going nowhere on this river of death
I just pray that soon I may catch my breath

We need to let ourselves go and set ourselves free
This world is not kind to the likes of you and me
Troubled are these times, where life is rejected
Its time to find out what death has really affected