where is my angel?
where is my sweet angel
when i need him the most.
why isn’t he here?

where can he be?
he should be here,
to take me away
from this horrid place.
why can’t he come?
where can he be?
the only one who can save me,
protect me, comfort me
when i’m feeling down.
why hasn’t he come yet?
where can he be?
i need him,
i long for him,
i hurt for him.
why must he leave me alone?
he knows better!
i know he does!
but why!? WHY!?
why can’t if mind my dearest,
my sweet angel,
to take me from here…
where can he be?
where can he be?

By xXSadeXx

jus ur average bitchy depressive teen at ur service :) trying to learn guitar n not b too impatient with th world...eh, nothings easy