Harmony sat with her back to the door. Her drapes shut tight, so no light entered her room,save for one small beam, cast on the floor in front of her.The stray beam cut through the dark void of the still room like a knife. But Harmony did not notice the bright intruder,she was occuppied with a parcile in her lap. As she gazed upon the item, her brown eyes brimmed with tears, that she could not hold back. In her lap lay a small box, filled with photographs. She help one in her quivering, white hands and stared. The photo was of a boy, a young man really, with sky blue eyes, and golden hair. Harmony thought to herself, ‘ this must be what evil looks like.’ The boy sat, with a manufactured smile and taunted her with the happier memories of their “past”. But the hurtful secrets seemed to have weaved themselves into the photo since she last laid eyes on it. It no long displayed a happy scene, but depicted a rather painful game played on her. This boys name was Chris, Harmonys very first heart break. He had said he loved her, but then something happened, what she was not sure, but he changed. He claimed he olny said those things because he felt sorry for someone like her. Harmony stopped the tears as they began to seek down her face. She had no reason to cry over this person, he would get his in the end. She stood and put the small box away, and layed on her bed. She let her black lashes touch her cheeks and she slept.
There was a man, dressed all in black with long black hair, standing at the foot of her bed. He was dressed odd she thought, he was wearing victorian garb, which was not common for the town, but quite stunning on this man. His skin was white as snow, and his eyes were as dark as night. He walked around the bed and sat next to Harmony. His hand brushed her soft cheek, which sent a chill down her spine. His hands were like ice. He tailed it down to her stomach where he slid it around her small fram to the small of her back. He bent his head, and his frozen lips touched hers. Then the stranger lifted Harmony a bit and kissed her neck…
“Harmony!! Dinner! Down here NOW!!” Came the shrill sound of her mothers voice. ‘Oh god’, Harmony thought,’but i dont want it to end..’ She closed her eyes and tried to congure the image back, but her mothers shouts proved more prominent.”HARMONY!!! NOW!!” Harmony sighed, “Fucking christ…Im coming Im coming, you nazi.”
She trudged down stairs, and joined her family for the ritualistic evening meal she loathed dearly.
The next evening, after school, Harmony and her friend Ivy had made plansto visit the downtown club they had always heard about. They both being 18 finally, were able to enter. THe club was called “After Dark”. Ivy had brought her boyfriend , and was other wise occuppied most of the night, but when she did come back, she seemed more and more intoxicated. A stagering pathetic man slopped himself down next to her. “Hello Darling, what is a girl like you doing all alone?” He smelled of liquor and his gramma was less then impecible. Harmony said nothing. But then the slob tried to make a move on her. In a flash the hand that was placed on her velvet clad knee was gone , and the man was staggering away. Another man took him place, a gentleman this time. He had long black hair and dark eyes. “Im sorry, people like that are everywhere here” he was dressed in black victorian mourning clothes that accientuated his beautiful white skin. “What is a young girl such as yourself doing at a place like this…alone?” Harmony almost couldnt speak, he was a work of purn artistry, but somehow she managed to say something. ” I came with my friends, their around….somewhere.” He gave a smirk, “Then do you mind if I join you until they come back? Wouldn’t want someone like that man getting to you.” She would said something perfectly sarcasic had the curcimstances been different, but she wanted him to stay,”I would be delighted, thank you.”
“Splendid, can I get you a drink?” Harmony was going protest at her age, but she was lost in his dark eyes, and could only manage a meek “Yes…” “My name is Daemon, by the way” He said with another smirk. “Oh! Im Harmony…” She couldnt help but look into his eyes. “Beautiful name..Here” He handed her the drink. A She drank the night seemed to speed up…
The next thing she knew, she was laying in bed, with sunlight desperatly trying to break through her curtains. Her head was swiming and all she could think about for the rest of the day was Daemon. That night she climbed into bed with a heavey cloud weighing her down. She wondered if she would ever see THe beautiful stranger again. She slipped into sleep with the thought pressing on her heart. Harmonys eyes shot open to see moonlight flooding her still room, and the breeze humming through. She looked around and found a figure eligantly sitting on the chair opposite her window. She squinted to see who it was, when a familiar voice came from the corner. “hello darling, did you think I would just leave you?” Her heart skipped a beat and Daemon stood and walked to the end of the bed. “Of course I wouldnt….not a beautiful thing like you.” He slowly walked to her side. “What are you doing here-” HIs hand came gently over her mouth to silence her question. “I came for you Love, all of you..” Daemons hand left her mouth and swept down her body resting on her thigh. He bent, and kissed her deeply. “I knew you missed me” He said with a smile. His black eyes gleamed in the moonlight, like light on the blade of a knife. Harmonys heart was beating faster then before, if she had been thinking clearly she would be afraid, but she wasnt thinking at all, all she knew was that she wanted him more then anything in the world. He sat next to he and kissed her again, letting his hand drift from her thigh to her warm inner thigh. Harmony did not stop him, nor did she want him to stop himself, she had never felt this kinda of emotion before. Daemons kiss grew more hungery, and his hand clam back up to her pelvic bone and slip under the faberic of her sleeping shorts. Harmonys intake of breath became sharper at his touch.He massaged her to the point she was moaning, then he pulled his cold hand away. She whimpered in protest, and kissed he gently to appologize. He moved so her was over her now, and he lowered his head and kissed down her neck to her navel , then returned back up and kissed her full lips again. He Kissed her white neck, and lingered there and she felt a small nip that grew to a sting. But then it was all gone.
There she was, laying in bed like she was when she climbed in. Daemon was nowhere to be seem nor was the window open. Everything was right and perfectly in its place.
“was it all a dream?” she whispered, but then a sharp pain stung her neck. Harmony sighed and went back to sleep….

To Be Continued…..

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