White Blood

“What?! Because I’m white?! Guilty isn’t bad enough?”
Dale couldn’t look Rob in the eye without a nervous smirk, lowered his gaze to the floor.
“That’s right. It’s a quota thing. The blacks are screaming that more of their people get the axe, and they’re screaming for white blood.”
“You’re outta your friggin’ mind.”
“Guess you don’t watch the news much. They’ll string you up there like a ham…”

“Mm. Yes. KKK revenge, they say. Truly evil people are hung, they say. Lynching is the symbol of oppression. Witches, traitors, black slaves. They’re all fired up.”
“But it wasn’t me…”
“Yes, yes. We’ve had the trial, the story’s been told a dozen times everywhere. I think you should concentrate on yourself, now. Make some peace with yourself. Sentencing’s in the morning. Probably a week or so til they do it. Oh, they’re going to broadcast it. At least you’ll be famous.”
“What do you mean?”
“TV. I’ll get you some Pearl Drops. You’re going to be the symbol that will turn this century around on its heels as far as civil rights is concerned. You’ve been condemned for every reason from black suppression to wild animal killer. At least you can take some pride in opening the way for people to be free and not afraid anymore. The slightest personal aggression will be responded to with severe punishment from now on. And we are the precedent that those decisions will rest on. It was worth throwing the defense.”
“Huh? What?”
“Of course. I saw the way the trial was going to go and decided that I wanted to be a part of history, even if it was on the losing side. If we’d won we’d just be footnotes in the history books. Now we’ll be a whole chapter.”
“No. Oh my god. You’re mad. They’re mad!”
“No, no. Just sick and tired of getting the shit end of the stick. Do you want anything? Can I get you something? A newspaper perhaps?’
“I just wanted to help them.”
“Oh sure. With those stories you wrote. Really bigoted, I hear. Actually, I read one once. Pretty paranoid stuff. Don’t know how you managed to get them published.”
“But I wanted to show injustice, on both sides. Don’t they see I’m their friend?”
“All anybody sees is your bad attitude, you’re rude, and you’re guilty. Now, I have to go.”
“I just wanted to help. That poor girl, black girl, attacked by that homeless guy, a white guy. His arm, up and down, slashing at her with a razor blade, a barber’s blade. Across, get across. I had to help her, you know; I couldn’t just keep walking. She was screaming, and everything else was so quiet. I came across the street and the guy took off, dropped the razor and ran around the corner. I was just standing there, watching her writhe on the sidewalk. The blade caught the streetlight, smiling up at me, teasing me. A door opened and I looked up. Then there was a crowd around me. I picked up the blade and tried to give it to someone, and they jumped me from behind. Cops kept them from killing me. We told them, didn’t we? I was at a movie…”
“Feeble alibi.”
“My god, what else am I supposed to do…”
“This point, not much to do. Die for your own cause, I suppose…”
“…what do they want from me…”
“You don’t believe me. You’ve been on their side all along.”
Dale left. Rob was alone in the cell. The shadows didn’t move, they were just shadows. Not even a ghost would bother with him.
But outside… Outside he heard the thronging and cries of vengeance. Outside were the catcalls of hate. The ceiling swirled and he floated into it. They wanted his blood, his white blood. His blood would be the bookmark in history, the point of no return for equality. Though the hatred between the races would eternally burn, the books would say they were equal. Oh yes, some would read, would try to convince others of their folly, but when action came to shove, the books would catch the flame of passion, and whatever wisdom was listed in its pages would be but ashes. And how many years, how many decades would it be before the phoenix of truth was reborn, to start the cycle again? How many years before another symbolic death was needed? Two thousand?
In the corner of his eye a movement came across the wall at him, a dark spot bravely traversing the lighter shade of shadow. His arm shot out and his palm smacked on the wall. When he pulled it back, the dark spot hung motionless on the wall, and in his palm a white smelly fluid smeared like a scar.
When the morning came a week later, he was taken to the gallows, his feet trundling, his mind empty, his heart hollow. Unhooded, they hanged him. The spectators there smiled when they saw the white blood dribble from his mouth down his chin.

(flavien matheson)

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  1. Indeed, I think that crying oppression is now a crutch. Anyone who truly wants to be equal should put down the cries, and simply be themselves. I don’t care if your gay, black, blue, female, multicolored, or not colored at all. The idea of equality is that you be judged not on your outward appearance, but rather on the basis of their expertise, knowledge, or experience.
    Unfortunately I’m afraid that things are starting to reverse, it would be much easier for me to acquire the things in life that I want if I were black, or female. Being either of those would almost garuantee me a business loan. If I were a minotity I would get a free education, etc. etc..
    I went to school with this stupid nigger who would flare up at anything anyone said. If you so much as said the word black he was certain to turn you against him, and villify you. Forget the fact that you were talking about your favorite color, he didn’t hear that part. Needless to say no one liked him. My best friend who happens to be mexican got into a major brawl with this guy, over this kind of crap. I’m not racist, I work with and have respect for a number of black people. I can also understand what it feels like to hear words such as nigger. However in my case its usually geek, or freak. The end result is the same. I think the only true way to combat anything is through education. Anyone who wishes to stop something must be willing to explain themselves, and indeed must make it a point to talk to other people. Its to bad really that our justice system which is supposed to be based on ascertaining the entire situation, and then judging what is right and what is wrong, has become defunct. We no longer bother to look at the picture, we simply want the facts. A nice neat little equation that can simply be solved with your average calculator.

    Cold and unfeeling, mathmatical and precise, I might as well be dead.

  2. And yet people still want to increase a penalty if it were considered a “hate” crime. If that little girl who died were the same race at the mistakenly-convicted man was, his butt would be out in 20 years for good behavior.

    I really don’t want to speak up anymore. I just want to sit back, eat a little popcorn, feed off my woman, watch the whole world degrade in front of me on tv, and say, “That’s a shame.”

  3. As I mentioned on my own forum, there’s a honking HUGE difference between having private thoughts of bigotry (be it of the white supremacist kind, the Afrocentric kind, whatever) and carrying out an act of violence and terrorism against someone who happens to be threateningly different from you. Hate crime legislation does not criminalize thought, it criminalizes acts of terrorism.

    Drop the partisan politics and inflammatory language (“Big Brother wants to watch you,” “thought crime,” etc) and utilize some moderation and common sense.

  4. This was a terrificly silly, misguided piece of work — it’s NOT the truth, just the truth as some little idiot saw it one angry night. It’s all and very well to say that political correctness has gone too far, that white males are being repressed — but then we have to think: WHERE? When? How? In a world in which having a Y chromosome *still* nearly guarantees more attention, more advantages, and better wages, I can hardly believe that anyone would be narrow-minded enough to think that men are repressed. Meanwhile, *hate crimes still happen*. Meanwhile, people are still denied jobs, a good education, given harsher punishments and even common human decency simply because of their race. The European/North American race still runs this world.
    Get OVER any sense you seem to have that you are disadvantaged because you are white or male. You are privileged. When you walk down the street, you are not judged by how pretty you are, or how light or dark you are. Assumptions and biases do not instantly leap into the minds of observers when you are hauled up before a jury. Although I hate to critcize, I really do, this was a stupid, stupid story with a well-worn premise, a prejudiced, mysogynistic view point, and an infantile style of writing. Next time something like this is posted, I hope there is more of an outcry.

  5. Maybe next time the criticizer will sign in, please… plus this story was written about ten years ago, and I do believe that you are living at least twenty years behind the times…
    but I appreciate your candidness. *bows*

  6. by the way (and I really hate to sit here sounding defensive about my writing), if you know anything about satire, it is nothing without hyperbole, a concept you should be well aware of since you seem to like to use it so much.

  7. I couldn’t sit this:

    >Indeed, I think that crying oppression is now a >crutch. Anyone who truly wants to be equal >should >put down the cries, and simply be >themselves.

    Yes, your post start off well.

    >it would be much easier for me to acquire the >things in life that I want if I were black, or female. >Being either of those would almost garuantee me a >business loan. If I were a minotity I would get a free >education, etc. etc..

    It amazes me that there are people that actually believe this to be the case. It is also ironic that you fail to see how you have blatantly contradicted yourself.

    You open stating that crying oppression is a crutch for small people, and here you are, crying oppression yourself.

    You belong to the most privileged group in western society. You are not disadvantaged in any way. I do not want to hear this crap about you not being able to get this or that because you are white, because this is NOT TRUE. If you fail to get something you want, it is because of your own incompetence. All you are doing is uisng minorities as a scapegoat.

    >I went to school with this stupid nigger who would >flare up at anything anyone said.

    Stupid or not, this was unecessary.

    >If you so much as said the word black he was >certain to turn you against him, and villify you.

    Or maybe he could see through your transparent pretense of liberalism.

    >I’m not racist, I work with and have respect for a >number of black people.

    Oh how big of you.

    >I can also understand what it feels like to hear >words such as nigger.

    Yet you continue to use it yourself…

    >However in my case its usually geek, or freak.

    GEEK!! FREAK!!!

    Not so nice now, is it?

    >The end result is the same. I think the only true >way to combat anything is through education.

    Try practicing what you preach.

    >Anyone who wishes to stop something must be >willing to explain themselves, and indeed must >make it a point to talk to other people.

    And they must be willing to LISTEN.

    >Cold and unfeeling, mathmatical and precise, I >might as well be dead.

    I wish you were. The world needs less whiney idiots lie you in it.

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