I will concurrently ask who your FAVORITE of the iconic slashers is. This list chronicling the respective body counts of Jason, Michael, Freddy (my top three, not necessarily in that order), Leatherface (my number four), Pinhead, Candyman, the Leprechaun, Pennywise, Jigsaw, and Chucky, lines up fairly well with my mental ranking of the degrees of my affection these movie killers command. Why the blue hell is the Leprechaun included in this compilation, though? He isn’t a slasher. Okay, granted, Pennywise and Pinhead aren’t really slashers, either, and Candyman is teetering right on the line. But the Leprechaun?

It isn’t surprising that Jason has the most confirmed kills on his record (at a whopping 300+!), as he has had the most movies in which to achieve this feat. (Twelve at last count.) Michael Myers has almost as many movies (10), but considerably fewer notches on his belt (a little over a hundred). Freddy barely tops Jigsaw, both in the number of kills (42 to 40, respectively) and in terms of movies made (9 to 7). Now I’d like for someone to compile a ranking for the classic Universal Monsters, how many kills to which each of them can lay claim. I’d bet on Dracula, since he’s had way, way more movies made than any of the others. I bet his tally would even top Jason’s.