Some of you have probably asked yourselves “why?”, time and time again. Why do I wake up in the morning to this job, or, why do I wake up to all this pain and misery? Why do I follow the rules? Why do I listen to people? Why do I let people tell me what to do?

Ever find your answer to that question? Some people such as me, do have an answer. I’m not going to post it here, however, because I believe that most of you wouldn’t care, nor understand. Well for you people that have no answer, i’m here to tell you one thing. Stop looking…it’s a never ending search for nothing, because in truth, there is no reason why we all take this life. There are people that do have it a lot worse, yes, but I am not one of those people, nor have I ever been, thus I will not even try to compare, or think about it. If there is a reason for us to wake up and take this shit every single day, it’ll come to you. But don’t go on a search for it, because the more you look, the further it drifts away from you. Allow your meaning to come to you, because if you look, it might come to you and you may not know of it, as you are too preocupied looking for absolutely nothing. Hope you people understood that.


By MastaTad

hey...well im 16, im from Ontario, Canada...and im pretty average...i have a picture if you wanna see...im 6'0", green eyes, blue hair...blah blah blah...ok and im single...l8ta -Tad