When Im asleep I hear his voice
When Im alone I have no choice
I open the window
and look to the sky
I holler his name
and ask god why
why he let them take him away
why do I hear his voice every day
why do I wish for whats only a dream
hes not coming back so just let me scream
Ill scream out his name
and then start to cry
ill fall to the ground and ask god why
why he chose to come and take
the only one who could make
the smile on my face mean so much more
everytime he walked in that door
that smile he had and that gleem in his eyes
god will forever hear my cries
so when I look at that door
the one he came through years before
I think of how hes gone away
because of god I can say
“because of you I cry each night,
I want to vanish out of sight,
I wish you could’ve taken me,
instead you took what made me free,
now im trapt inside my dream,
where he can only hear my screams,
because of you I hear his voice,
open the window with no choice,
open the window,
look at the sky,
holler his name,
and ask you why,
why you took the one I love,
why not just take it all,
leave me without any care,
why not just let me fall?