Why does everybody have to be better than everybody else?

One of the things that really bothers me about people is that they always want to be better than everybody else and put everybody else down. Why can’t we just be nice?

It is accepted in society that you should seek rewards, and that rewards are gotten by being better than others. Our whole society is set up to teach people to put others down.

In our schools–we are given rewards when we do better scholastically. I try so hard with my schoolwork, trying to do it right, and then I remember that I don’t have to do my best, nor do I have to do the assignment perfectly. I just have to do it better than the rest of the class. And we all know that social recognition can be gotten by putting others down. Girls wearing pink shirts from the Gap put down the girls wearing black shirts bought at Hot Topic, and vice versa.

In our churches–We are Christians, We are better than the heathens. We do good things, we are better than you.

In our government–We are Americans, We are better than the rest of the world.

In our businesses–rising up through the corporate structure, being better than our coworkers.

All this really bothers me, especially when I see myself doing the same thing–because of course, I want to better than everybody else too. Maybe this is why I’m posting this, to get attention, to be better than the rest of you, to make you think I’m better. I don’t think I have the ability to judge who’s better than who. However, even now, I am putting people (which might include you) down by saying that they want to put everybody else down.

These kind of thoughts make me want to stick my head in a hole and hide. I avoid talking to people, because I am scared that they will just try to put me down. It is likely that you guys will respond with your usual *lovely* comments, and I will regret having posted this.

Is there any hope? Is there any point to my existence? I can be a nasty person and fit in with the rest of them, or I can be a nice person and feel good about myself since I’m better. Either way I lose. With our whole society set up to make us like this, can it be possible to get beyond it? Would we be better off if we all killed ourselves?

I say to myself that if mean people win, I’d rather be a loser and get attacked and killed. However, I suspect that when the time comes, I’ll be mean and put others down in order to get ahead.

This post is pointless because it contradicts itself, but I wanted to make you think.

I suspect someone will come and say that yes, my existence is pointless, but is anybody going to say that society is set up to encourage us to be good to other people for their sake and not our own?


  1. as for your last paragraph i wish i could say that our society was set up that way, but it’s not. competition is what bases human existance. survival of the fittest. darwinism.

    i’ve been told many times by a psych/philosophy teacher that their is only one reason true communism (everybody is equal. no one is more equal than anyone else). that reason is human nature. we live to compete.

  2. It’s time for humanity and interaction to change in the world, we can’t keep living competatively like we have been. It’s not just between human beings, it’s also to do with eating up resources without giving anything back to the earth itself, eventually she’ll run out on us all.

    Don’t regret your post, you make a lot of valid points, we need more like this, some one who really does think about things and think about what they do in the world. Keep it up.

    Be yourself Quiet One, just be yourself, decide regardless what you feel is right. It’s a choice of being you or some one elses idea. Being real or a fake. If you do not want to compete, and I know it’s hard sometimes not too, catch yourself and don’t do what others are doing. At least you do realise, quite a lot of people don’t. That’s where you can start making a difference…

  3. Fucking hell,

    that was a good post, possibly the best I’ve read since I’ve been on this site
    (except mine)

  4. Instead of coming into this gay forum and bitching about how much you hate everybody, just kill yourself, it will be a lot easier on everyone else.

  5. Hmph. He’s right, but it’s never going to change. Mankind is doomed with imperfection from the start. Greed, lust, and violence has dictated the course of humans for ten thousand years and more, but what will a few people change? Nothing. I am no different. But I care not, for I know that I am corrupted with the same greed, the same lust, and the same violence that plagues all of Earth. Mankind is no primate, nor is it any sort of animal, for we do not fit into any category. We have reason, we have intelligence. We do not maintain equilbrium between ourselves and Earth, we conquer her and make her our dominion. We advance upon her waning might every second of every moment of every day, and that’s what makes us truly wicked. The Earth is a prime example of too late. By the time we fully come to term with our error, we will all be dead, and one of two things will happen to Earth. Either she will become desolate, or a puncuated equilibrium will occur, creating a blooming of new life. This is the fate of our handywork. We have destroyed a million years and more of work, but, we are not to blame, are we? It is our ancestors! Our parents! Those who created our nations, our rules, our governments! See? We may not avoid this. Mankind is doomed from the start. Cro-Magnon should of been destroyed during the Ice Age.

  6. Yes, we’re all doomed, doomed, doomed and so says Invader Zim’s school teacher, but she’s just a pessimist.

    I may only be one, and seem to be insignificant in the whole scheme of things, but at least I am conscious enough to encourage those who would prefer to think. It may seem like a lost cause, but at least in the end I can say in some way that at least I did try, stood for my beliefs and was myself.

  7. Its human nature and its greedy and arrogant its the way life is, even though we try our hardest to change it its not going to happen, change is hard and people dont like change.

  8. i agree with you on how much life seems like a unending paradox of itself….even the thoughts of doing good and being nice and following the rules written by a particular religion, well in the end we arent following them for us to actually be a good human but to be rewarded by being accepted into the heaven of that God. So in the end it is all about rewards and being better for the sake of the rewards…..ill never be afraid to admit i fear……fear is the only emotion i have for free and its always there in everything……

  9. [Quote] “Why does everybody have to be better than everybody else?”
    Because I am superior to all you pieces of shit.

  10. Society is fucked because when ever someone tries to be caring toward’s other people, silly ass faggot’s like jewbashing maniak crush their hopes, which make’s them give up on that idea and make’s them also a prick.

    It’s a deadly cycle…

  11. OH FUCK.



  12. Alright,

    This is one of the best posts I have ever read on any site where serious discussion occurs. Florence, I admire your idealism, for I am guilty of the same set of ideas, the what if. Unfortunatley, the idea that you put forward is asking humans to give up everything we are. Even if most of the world followed this system, it would take just one person who didn’t to destroy everything that the rest of the world had worked so hard to create. I have a purpose in writing this other than to depress you. There is hope. Don’t think in the large scale, think in the small scale. Don’t become a doormat, because people will walk all over you, but treat other people with respect and set the example of what you think a human should be like. People will question you. But DO NOT let people take advantage of you, it can be most demoralising.

    Fare thee well


  13. Damnit, I apologise for the spelling mistakes, I’m tryng to do three things a once here.


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