Why does everyone feel like my enemy?

Well. This should be interesting
I am 15 years of age and I currently reside in England. I manage to remain quite popular in my school, and live as a goth at the same time. The thing I want to talk to you about is those idiots who call themselves goths and dress up and wear the make up, but have no idea about what goth is.

A girl I know was playing around with tarot cards the other day. How fucking sad, I mean she doesnt know what the hell shes doing. Theyre all so immature. And here I am with my fucking problems, and dark past half of which I can’t even remember, and she threatens to kill herself. I just laughed. Long and hard. Tell me how is it that ignorant fools like her can die and I can not? If I asked her what reasons she had for killing herself do you think she’d have any?
Of course not. Don’t you think people who think theyre cool because theyre goths are sad? They would feel so small if I told them what I’d been through. Do I its think its cool that im fucked? Fuck no. Id trade anything to be *normal* again. But I can’t. I’m too far in.

By Darknessrulesmenow

I am a normal person. A couple of years ago I began discovering I was'nt as normal as I thought, and now I seem to have lost all humanity I once possesed. I saw my own death yesterday. In the blink of a second, like a memory suddenly returned after being forgotten. Darkness rules me now.