Why Even Bother

Why is it that the ones that ask you whats wrong when your depressed pretend to know whats going on, but then turn away the next time you need someone to talk to?

why even bother asking in the first place if your gonna fuck with me like that?? ive found that typing out my pain in darkness helps out imensly, but when i cant get to a computer, im forced to vent to a person who asks me trust them and spill eevrything so that itll make me feel better. but when that person pretends to lsten only to reject me from their ears the next time, i say FUCK YOU ALL !!!!!! Y THE FUCK DO YOU EVEN BOTHER TO MESS WITH ME YOU FUCKEN IMBESALS!!!! i know i shouldnt fal for the same trap everytime, but when i have no other way to fix whats on the inside, its all i have….but y do they even try to understand what they cant see?

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By Red*Rage

Everyone unerstands the concept of enter the darkness...but what happens when it enters you?? when it kills you bit by aganizing bit, destroying all hope of what happiness and joy are and controlling all you do and see with hate? what do yo think we do?? we join it and stop making fools of ourselves trying to fight it...the darkness is too strong to fight it off...or is it?? noone knows...


  1. sometimes, people want to help, but once you tell them whats wrong they either get scared, or realize that your problem may be too big for them to handle. sometimes they just don’t know a solution and don’t want to admit it.

    i’m not one of those people. i’m here if you need me. i get on once every day or two, though sometimes i don’t get on for two or three days (i try not to do this though).


  2. Hey man. I’ts all good. Some people just aren’t made to deal with other peoples proplems. But that doesn’t mean they don’t care. They just don’t know how to react. The fact of the mater is, most likely, they do care. They cared enough to listen the first time. I have lots of friends, but there are only three That I will go to when something is worng and I don’t think I can deal. That doesn’t mean the rest of them don’t care. It just means that those three are equiped to help others with their problems.

    Any way, this was just supposed to be a short coment, so I’m going to shut up now.

  3. I do that too sometimes with my despression or other things that bother me greatly. Usually there is no one and when I do find some one who’s offered…oh great they don’t understand and say I should just go away and seek help elsewhere… Why they offer in the first place I don’t know?

    At least, because I know what it’s like I’ll put myself out to listen to anyone who needs a little help, solice, advice, understanding or just plain comfort. And I come here a lot too, going both ways.

    Red*Rage, if you’re a sensitive/intense person like myself, usually other people can’t handle the intensity of the pain and emotion.

  4. Im sorry youre stuck with all those people. 🙂 hey, I’ll listen, and I’m screwed up so I wont get all freaked out & run away.
    I kinda agree with mourning, sometimes they wont admit that they cant handle things and choose to push it aside without remembering the fact that your feelings are at hand.
    I’ll admit, ranting about life over the net to a screen isnt the same as ranting to a person of flesh & blood but if you IM someone maybe it’ll help

  5. ive had that happen to me many times… they pretend to listen but dont really… and they reject you, yes ive been there with my “friends”…

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