I know I’m preaching to the choir, here, and that the “squares” probably won’t ever see this. But the next time you find yourself confronted by a square and you need to defend your love of the Horror genre to them, and perhaps defend yourself, too, as being, despite your weirdness, probably more emotionally healthy than they are, here, then, is some helpful information. It is mandatory for good mental health to be able to process fear. Make-believe Horrors teach people such coping mechanisms in a safe way. Avoidance does not, and cannot work. It is unrealistic to expect to be able to go through life and never encounter anything scary. In fact, such a thing is impossible. There are diseases. There are nutjobs shooting innocent people from hotel windows. Life is scary as F*CK. And if you can’t deal with that fear, you’re gonna crash. Hard. In short, make-believe Horrors make the real horrors of this world easier to take.

Even people who suffer from anxiety disorders can benefit from Horror. For many who find real life draining, traumatizing, and frightful, nothing is more relaxing than a good Horror movie. There’s a scientific reason this is so. But again, preaching to the choir, here.