Why Me?

I spend most of my time alone listening to the things you have to say, wondering, Why me? Why do you patronize how I live.? You put me down and criticize me for mistakes i know i did wrong, and yet your perfect. NO you can’t do anything wrong. Someone like you can’t commit flaws like that. Why do you look down on me so much?

I have yet to do anything that horrible to you and yet i am still treated as if i’m the smallest thing on earth. You don’t know how it feels to be the subject of cruel coments or jokes and how much it hurts inside to have everything you’ve done forcefully shoved back in your face. No you’ll never understand anything. You don’t know what you do to people like me. It hurts, but i guess you’ll never know. You hide behind your heart and show everyone a lie, but maybe that’s a good thing. Now they can’t see the horrible person you really are.

(I wrote this cuz a person who i thought was one of my best friends decided one day they’d ruin my life…well if you read this.. i want you to know you did a pretty good job of it..)

By DementedAngel048

Hmmm.. Well where do i start, i'm days away from being 15, my parents think i'm anorexic, they threatened to send me to several psychiatrist.. my dad wants me to go to anger management classes. .. my dad throws stuff at me... knives ect ... i used ta cut myself, threatened with suicide,,,, i play basketball.. my school life is okay i guess,, i have tha greatest friends,, and the best boyfriend... do i sound interesting?? i live in the smallest town in the world..well at least i think so..