Why Not Suicide?

I know you think I’m psycho.
Or that I have issues way too weird.
And you wonder why I haven’t
contemplated suicide.

Your confused when you look at my wrists. Not a single scratch or scar.
No, there’s too much pain already.
I wouldn’t go that far.

Your my rush of adrenalin.
The pain you cause is killing me.
You hurt me.
You abuse me.
Hell, you’ve forsaken me.

But that lost love and friendship
is all I need!
I’m addicted to your heartache.
Overdose me, I dare you!
It’s your fault.. .not mine!

You cause my thoughts!
And still you wonder,
with all my problems ~
Why Not Suicide?

By +Lost-N-Confuzed+

I'm not x-actly sure who I am.. But I hope to figure that out soon.