why should we feel guilty?

Children are born at dawn
they kill themselves at dusk
because of their marks
some of them hang themselves

others leave without a word
with daddy’s gun
to kill the teachers like
a finishing blow
but they learn to hate
and they learn to think too much
they have analytical minds
in this crazy universe
where teachers spit on them
there’s something to complain about
they run away
they choose the streets
they search for love in stairwells
they lag behing and
drugs comes to them so
they let themselves fall
they’re not watchful
and they have no money
they would do anything just
to feel appreciated
they take morphine
because they don’t give a fuck
they deal crack to eat before
they spoil in jail
and when christmas comes
they have no other choice than
make an overdose between
two assholes policeman who
won’t do anything because
it’s never their child…
so why should we feel guilty?

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blehh. i dunno, ask me if it really bother you.