1. or you just don’t know how

    or you’re scared

    there are many reasons why some people don’t love.

    maybe they’re afraid of getting hurt.

    i’m not saying that you’re wrong, just that there are other answers why some people refuse to love. some people have reasons not to love, that we couldn’t even dream of.

    maybe some people don’t want the pain that comes with it. when you feel to much. when you finally take down that brick wall you put around your heart and now that the sentries are gone, you feel defenseless. not a good feeling.

    too many reasons to list here.


  2. MourningStar2002
    once again maid me feel beter!!!!
    and yo do have a point

  3. mourning….we read each others and comment alot…can we be friends?

  4. yeah. i’d like to be friends. i may be on my own in my life, but darkness has been like a second home for me. it’s the one place i can go where there are people like me, who enjoy what i write.

    see you around daynte.

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