Why’d it end?!?!

My life lost no meaning,
During my time near you,
You made me feel needed.
Fear was abolished,
Whilst I lay in your arms.

Only death could’ve torn me from you.
Instead someone took you from me.
Now I’m alone wallowing in fear,
No longer have I your guidance,
I wish I was dead.

I told you everything,
Trusted you with my life,
HOw could you throw it away?
You gotta admit it was good.

People always push me around,
I’m constantly being used,
One way or another.
I meant nothing to you,
You meant the world to me.

Sitting alone with a knife,
Wondering what to do,
Our friendship was a waste of time,
All of it in vain,
You tried so hard to make me stop,
I may as well start again.

I cringe at the thought,
Of all the things you said,
The fact they were lies,
Just for fun – something to do,
They seemed so real,
It makes me sick.

Payback time will come soon,
If it ain’t too late…
You know what I mean.
You said you loved me,
But now you love her,
How could you lie like that?
After all we went through.
It’s such a shame,

All the wasted hours,
Laying in your arms,
Why’d I cry my life away,
I wish I never did.

Harms seems the only escape,
Pain’s the only key,
I don’t care what they all say,
I’m gonna do it anyway.

By Darouche

I was a mistake, my life has no moral, my dad writes poetry about 5 years old wanking (may post his stuff depends). My greatest friends are Dave, Rach (evilsecret) and Sarah. I like trees and all things sharp. Oh and I am a human cutting board as someone once said to me....