1. I am still waiting to hear if there was a prize for being the 1,000,000 visitor…You know, like at a grocery store..they give you a cart full of groceries lmao:)

  2. I already have a web journal that I update daily, but having a Darksites journal would be tres cool, hip hip hurray!!!

  3. Sire….You DIDN’T TELL Fragile Sin that I am the PRIZE? Tsk, Tsk…..

  4. So THAT’S why it was all reset!
    You sly dog…..
    I got my cookies in order!

  5. When are these competitoons/prizes whatever gonna be legitimate to ANYONE outside the states? Yeah, I’m from Europe..and it sucks to be informed about some kind of ‘freebie’ whatever just to find out a bit later that I cant enter because I’m not living in the states..that sucks..
    (not that I would ever in my whole goddamn life give personal info over the web..)


  6. All I wan’t is a pair of boots like Keano Reevs wore in The Matrix … If I can’t win them, would someone at least tell me if anybody is selling some online.

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