World on Fire

I see you and my world is engulfed in flame
These flames do not warm the heart
they leave it frozen dripping dark green mucous like icicles

The frost that come from your fire would do Jack Frost and The Queen of Winter cry for shame
To call you frigid would be a compliment
You are a walking tundra
You have no real feelings
You take you destroy and you treat people like you care when you know that you are going to toss them aside like rubbish when you are done
I wish there was a way for me to warm you
To make you the dark bitter angel I fell in love with
But there is no hope now that you have
decided on your superiority
You no longer even resemble the woman I once loved
Your black hair has turned white with your inner cold
Your skin a very outlandish blue
Your breath is no longer sweet
It smells of cold death and years old decay
your eyes were once hazel now there is no longer an iris
The cold took care of that
I would love to set your world on fire
But you probably wouldn’t react anyway
You set my world on fire once
Now those flames are frozen.

By ChaliceBlood

I have existed in a mire that was self made. I have found a possible cure for my melancholia.