Would anyone really care?

I have this theory about life. Would anyone truly care if I died? My answer has anyone been no. I don’t give a rats ass about school, it fucking sucks. The people there are real shit, they should all kill themselves, they would be doing the world a huge favor. They think they are better then everyone else.

They have no idea what is out there but when they do adventure off into this world they get shot down and come running home back to mommy and daddy. It’s a good thing that I am getting out by either leaving or dieing. Maybe my life is worth something to someone out there. I guess it is all just a game. Some people make it and some don’t. Maybe we all just need to think about what we say to people and make sure it is nothing hurtful, otherwise it could come back to you three folds. karma is a kick ass thing…has it ever worked for any of you?

By rockstar_jessica

just a girl..trying to find a new home...i am no trouble at all..i am a very good girl..never bad