Would You Hate Me Then?

If you tried to stay away
And I kept turning up
If you tried to hate every day
And I kept cheering you up

If you tried to die last night
And I called 911
If you tried to end the fight
And I told you life’s not done

If you tried not to love
And I sent you love letters
If you tried to destroy what you’re made of
And I kept promising it’d get better

If you tried to leap
And I kept holding you back
If you tried to lose sleep
And I kept feeding you crack

If you tried to say goodbye
And I wouldn’t let you go
If you tried to cease to fly
And I kept forcing the wind to flow
Would you hate me then?

Categorized as poetic

By KillTheRich

Thanks a lot, Brody, you bitch. Alex- I'm trying to quit the dope... Some say I own a nice guitar, but actually, it's the guitar the owns me. I consider myself a good poet, so e-mail me if you like my work. I love to hear what other people think. But don't e-mail me if you only want to talk about the goddamn Distillers. They have done less than nothing for me, so don't bring it up. "Life, I did not want to leave you in vain, but with the options I have been left, it seems to be the only way..."-Alex