Wouldnt it be funny?

I was thinkin the other day… i myself dont believe in God or Heaven or Hell or any of that shit… but for the people who do, wouldnt it be funny if the God they spent their lives bowing down to and worshipping turned out to be evil.. and when they died and went to ‘heaven’

it was more like the hell they dreaded,and they have to spend the rest of their time there…. being tortured,and the whole time wishing they didnt use there life believing in…nothing….
It may just be me …but it amused me to think of it.. i dont beleive in god not becuz i dont want to.. but i need some proof of ‘him’ and there is NONE…. none whatsoever… and personnally.. when i die.it’ll be the happiest day of my life,so why would i want to believe in being able to live forever in happiness when i just want to die and be dead!! not keep living….