When I was a kid, growing up in the glorious 80s, life was centered on old (and current) Horror movies, comic books, and professional wrestling. I discovered wrestling around 1985, when the first WrestleMania event took place, because of Mr. T. I was big mark of T’s due to ROCKY 3 and THE A-TEAM, not to mention the Mr. T Saturday morning cartoon. When Mr. T got into wrestling, I followed him over. Soon enough, T’s spot of prominence was eclipsed by Hulk Hogan and the rest is history. (Which goes to show that bringing in Mr. T for a limited engagement was a genius move by the then-WWF. They snagged a lot of new fans that way.)

The idea of blending my love for Horror and love for wrestling isn’t new to me. I used to have a Jason Voorhees figure (I made it myself, as there were no such figures you could purchase in those days, by affixing a hockey mask made of masking tape to my Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin action figure) that I would make wrestle alongside my WWF figures. This blend remains as delicious to me now as it did back then, even though I don’t follow wrestling much anymore, save for the local independent companies, following my nephew around. (Where as I used to dream of growing up to be a professional wrestler, he actually did it.) I loved 2011’s MONSTER BRAWL, where variations of the classic monsters fought to the death inside a wrestling ring. And WRESTLEMASSACRE, which should be out anytime and featuring several retired professional wrestlers in the cast, looks like a low-budget schlocky hoot.