Writting help?

Sorry, i don’t have a clue if i’m allowed to put this here or what not, but anyhow i’m writting something (yet again) and i’m working on this one thing but yet it still doesn’t sound right and i’m stuck writters block could anyhow help me out plz? srry if i shouldn’t have posted this. Uh well here’s what i’ve got so far……….

Her eyes were set; black like night and cold as death. Her blank stare could mesmorize you and even freeze your blood. All in dark, lips so thin in her face is misery and mystery. No one knows her, yet they all speak of her. A ghastly shadow alone in the dark admist all the people. Pale is her skin but dark is her aura and look. She hides from love and care and cowers at the sight of happiness. She’s afraid to live, to love, to care…
and i’ve got this……
As the darkness crawls and looms, shadows fade away; and a blanket of fog and night covers the sky. There is no moon and the stars don’t shine.
That ones real short, anyone got any ideas?

By LetDarknessRise

Dark, mysterious, suicidal, the usaul, gothic, pyro like.....u get the idea.


  1. Do a bit of brain-storming, write down what ever comes into your head at the time, even if it doesn’t seem related to what your writing. You can always cut it out later. Try another way of writing the description.

    Why is she afraid to live,love & care. There is a whole story in itself you could write there. Think about it, when have you felt like this or know someone who has in your experience?

    Or write when you are in that mood, down and depressed, capture the moment.

    Use this bit if you like, might help to move you out of that stuck place:
    “Within the sea of people she resides, hungry in her soul for those things out of reach. The beast within calls from the depths. I’t calls her name softly in her mind and reminds…”

  2. if you read it aloud to yourself it might help.

    it sounds like poetry, maybe you could try putting it in that form.

    best wishes


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