X.x Highskool really is bullshit x.X

Why do people fucking care so much about what i fucking do?? Im soo pissed off right now, and just feel like sharring 🙂 so bare witt me !! ok.. listen up… in the summer

*which was like, hey, forever ago!* I got really really drunk/high one night and madeout with a chick.. BIG FUCKING DEAL RIGHT? well… im still hearing about it @ skool and shit to this very day. Why cant people just let shit go?? like seriously!! high skool is SUCH bullshit. dont they have ANYTHING better to do ? than make people feel bad about themselves?? you do one little thing, the world knows it, and your labeled for life. has this happened to you? im just bored and feel like pissin about it right now… but tell me bout you’s all !!

By DeathKittenxXx

When life is lost in death... - X.x


  1. woo, sorry for that, thats really asshole shitty!

    well…i never had such probs! Though its rather like I piss myself off because of things, fucking selfhate probs…

    But yes, seems like ppl dont have anything better to do than care about what other ppl do and know about it! Im typically labeled as satanist or stuff…

    really sorry for you, hope itll get better, though i do not really see how…maybe you could run wild like littleton and then ppl would shut up, but i guess that wouldnt be the best way and i beg you to forget those last lines of shit i just wrote…

    best wisches!

  2. oh my. That’s all you did? It’s like getting high and making out with a guy. *shrug* the average teenager is just shallow and stupid. they can’t really comprehend the fact that yes, kissing another girl is fine. But hey.

    I go to an all girls’ school. It’s odd, but it’s also a boarding school. (I’m a day student) But I tend to sit in a room of one of my border friends, and we just scream and moan and whatnot. To piss the people in the next room off (basically the only completely straight people in the school. they’re such prudes until they see guys. Then, well. I think they’d be more clothed if they were nude. Oh well.)

    and yes, I know I’m babbling on and on. But that’s alright. Because I do it all the time.

    But I KNOW there was a point to this. Oh yes, now I remember. Right. So yeah…. If people give you shit about making out with a girl, just grab some random girl (preferably a good friend who you know will go along with it) and be really amazingly sexual towards the girl and ask if they have a PROBLEM with you being a lesbian. Either that, or begin to hit on whoever’s mocking you (if the person’s female). It usually makes them shut up. Or they just make fun of you more, but it’s amusing to you after that. Yep.


  3. I can totally relate to u…. last summer when i was in 7th grade me and my ex-bf fooled around and i gave him head…. and even now… after almost a year… i am called “big and salty” or “small and salty” …… people at school are nothing but jealous asses who have nothing better to do then pick on kids that arent like them…… so dont worry…. lol

  4. Ok for number one that little bitch “insert name here” “FUCK YOU” you dont like people sharing there problems then go fuck off on some other site you little bitch. ok but besides that i can compleatly agree i go to a christain school and i do “bad” (in there opions) stuff all the time and when they give me shit i just tell them to fuck off i hate those little bitches mother fucken christains, im just gald im not the only one who deals with this shit every day GOD DAMN people need to stay the fuck out of other peoples lives if all they want to do is give you shit.

  5. In my experience people just belittle you to stop others from doing it to them. If they can keep the focus on you then they’re not at risk themselves are they?It’s not even always a concious choice, but that’s usually why they do it. And they’re probably afraid because they’ve had homosexual thoughts themselves and don’t want others to know. They also have very small and closed minds.
    Once you leave school and get out into the real world, things do improve. That was the only thing that kept me going in highschool and now I look back and wonder why I ever even cared what they thought. Some people say most girls kiss other girls in college, you’ve just gotten it out of your system early! lol Just remember to stay true to yourself despite them. If you’re straight, move on and eventually they will too, if you’re not straight, that’s not a big deal either! They’ll realise that some day. just be proud that you’re far more mature than them, and so you’ll get further in the real world. 🙂 Just have fun!

  6. it seems like ppl have problems about forgeting the past… when I was 7 (13 years ago) I was beating ppl how teasing me… now I hate figthing still ppl remember me for how I was not for how I am. But hopfuly they stop remindig you about that. Sorry for my bad spelling btw.

  7. hahaha, calm your worthless ass down sparky, it was just a joke, believe me, if i was angry, you woul d know it, apparently you havent ben around this site for very long, but thats okay, youll learn.

  8. OK honey… I did something in HS and I still hear about it to this day and its been two years… people dwell on shit… just remember if you boyfriend wears the same pair of pants everday, tells you your nothing and you have to remind him to brush his teeth… not worth it

  9. i wear the same pair of pants everyday, i wash them, but i just dont care what they think, mental block, just pretend like what they said is a compliment, people says im a poor freak with only one pair of pants, i tell them thank you, i also like my pants.

  10. hahaha yeah sorry about that, and dont call me sparky (shaking my fist) yeah its just i deal with this shit everyday people telling me im wrong for what i like and im a freak they dont know me it pisses me off beyond belief i dont understand why people do shit like this

  11. damn it’s just high school. People are so mentaly immature. they r afraid of what they dont know, and afraid of something new to them. just tell them to fuck off and grow up, b/c it isnt at all that big of a deal!!

  12. So true, people don’t have anything better to do than make other’s feel bad. It’s bullshit! And it usually passes after … well long enough for them to get over it and find something else to amuse them. It isnt that much of a deal, yet if you let it get to you then they will make it a bigger deal; and hell that isn’t so easy cos people are such bitches and it’s hard not to let it piss you off.

    They need to grow up, and until then theres not a lot you can do except ignore them.
    Take care n try not to let it get to you xxx

  13. well, i wouldnt say tell them to fuck off, but what i do when their mean is be absolutely as nice as possible to them,it reallu confuses them and makes them think, but atleast u wont be doing the same thing they do to you.

  14. hey in high school i was kinda popular so I got by just fine. But insert’s got a point – if you tell them to fuck off, they’ll just enjoy it even more because they know they’re upsetting you.
    Shit dies down, and high school don’t last forever – you’ll get over it.

  15. Hey, don’t ever worry about what other people say or think about you. If you take it to heart what most people think, you will never make it in life…it’s too much of a downer. Most of us in here both understand and relate to what you are feeling, so if I would listen to what anybody has to say, I would listen to these words and the ones above mine own. But anyway, just remember one thing…the society of today is bullshit.
    We are all different, but we are expected to all be alike…the hippocracy of society’s beliefs is unbelievable. The one thing that one should remember is that a person sets his or her own Norm…if no one likes or thinks that Norm appropriate…big fuckin deal, cause there is not much that they can do about it unless….they get to you with their words and make you change: in their eyes–mission accomplished.
    Live your life the way you want to live it…not the way someone else thinks you should.

    Sorry for rambling on for so long, I just had to deal with the same thing back in highschool…My advice is just don’t take it seriously, cause if you do you may drive yourself to your deathbed like I nearly did.

  16. Theres some good points here… Audryn’s one about taking the focus off themselves, and also Insert’s about being overly nice. Its so much fun.
    I know how you feel, when I was at school there was the group who actually called themselves the popular group (the arrogance of them!), even tho they all said shit about each other behind their so-called best friends backs.
    I was the trademark Goth/Witch/Satanist, cuz they seemed to think school needed one, and I was it.
    Just remember when schools over you will probably never see these people again, or remember their insignificant little comments.
    So try bringing up stuff theyve done, but using Inserts overly nice tactic. Good Luck.

  17. It is kinda funny watching the “popular people” (yeah I know I’m a fucked up hypocrit coz I was one of them) But it’s fun coz they all feel so secure in their little lives that they bitch about each other and hurt each other constantly.

    In my last high school I was the resident Bi person (majorly public event involving v cute football player), and like a year afterwards I met this girl who always used to bitch at me.
    She only bitched coz she was jealous of the freedom I had back then, when she felt like she always had to conform.

    Anyway she’s still a pretty good friend because once you’re out of your confined little highschool world, everything seems so insignificant. It’ll all pass and you won’t even remember it, believe me.

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