X.x ? i have a question ? x.X

I was just wondering why everyone here, comes to this site.? I’m a pretty “normal” girl i supose… i dress like everyone else i guess, i act like everyone else, yet inside i dont feel quite like how my image is presenting me.

I cut, i ODed a couple times, i listen to metal and shit, and i absolutly LOVE GOTH ! the clothes, spikes, the darkness, the whole concept!!… but just becuz i dont dress/act that way, all my friends think that im “normal”, so i never have the oportunity to indulge in this kinda thing. i come here to explore, and interact with other poeple that *im hoping* have SUMTHING in comon with me… well, dats why im here. i was just wondering about everyone else.. ?
– X.x

By DeathKittenxXx

When life is lost in death... - X.x