[X.x] My blood has set me free [x.X]

X.x My pen lingers on this page
My head bare of thoughts
Cringing in anger and disgust
Sitting here all alone
Staring at this blank white
Once more

Craving the words to flower
Needing it
I hunger for just one word
To make my pain bearable again
But nothing comes
Nothing seen

In frustration I grab the knife
In anger I take this blade to my wrist
No tears to hold back
Since I’ve forgotten how to cry
Digging deep into my flesh
My skin burning

Blood dripping down my arm
I close my eyes
I take in the pleasure
Savoring every blissful moment
Breathing heavily
Laughing in satisfaction

Now I feel truly complete
I pick up my pen
And start to write
Forgetting about everything
That’s been holding me back
Thank you I say

My blood has set me free…
Once again… – X.x

-[X.x]- What this is to me –[x.X]-

Bloodcurdling screams
Music to my ears
Torment inside
Been here all these years
Pain and hate
All that I know and come to love
Light through this darkness
Only found above
Velvet on my skin
The sound of your voice
Sparks a warmth deep within –[x.X]-

By DeathKittenxXx

When life is lost in death... - X.x